Uniting for Workplace Equity: COVID impact on women entrepreneurs (Part 2 of 3)

February 15, 2022 Panel

The Kim Center is a nonprofit dedicated to accelerating the achievement of equal status for employees of all personal and professional backgrounds. Our work is driven by the research-based conclusion that widespread cultural transformation requires united local action.

One of the critical first steps is making sure different stakeholder groups can agree on expectations for collaboratively driving change. To this end, we partner with San Diego’s Employee Rights Center (ERC) on “Uniting for Workplace Equity.” This monthly panel series features leaders from key stakeholder groups engaging in insightful and innovative dialogue around what effective collaboration can look like.

The lack of equity is especially problematic when we look at the impact of crisis on already vulnerable groups. We partnered with BID Alliance, County of San Diego, San Diego Black Chamber, RISE San Diego, San Ysidro Chamber, and SDG&E on a study to understand how COVID changed the landscape for our region’s women business owners.

The results help us identify which systemic issues are most active in our own backyard so we can design and unite around the most locally appropriate solutions to prevent further vulnerability for our women leaders in future crises.

Today I’m excited to welcome 3 community leaders who will show us what collaborative brainstorming looks like, and how it can help us intentionally rebuild our workplace culture so that everyone receives the fair opportunities to succeed that they deserve: Megan Thomas, President & CEO of Catalyst of San Diego & Imperial Counties; Dr. Silvia Mah, Founding Partner of Ad Astra Ventures; Gretchen Newsom, Political Director & Organizer for IBEW 569.

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