Dr. Hei-ock Kim


Hei-ock has devoted 15+ years to nonprofit administration in social justice, environmental conservation, and the arts. She was also a passionate educator for more than 30 years as a teacher, professor, and lecturer.

Thanks to her vision, the Kim Center has crystalized, for the first time ever, what the San Diego region’s top barriers are to equitable workforce development and upward mobility for disadvantaged populations. This serves as the foundation for a groundbreaking initiative of targeted interventions to measurably transform San Diego’s workplace culture as a united community.

Hei-ock is a member of MANA de San Diego and a former County Commissioner on the Status of Women and Girls. Under her leadership, the Kim Center has been recognized for its achievements with a joint resolution by the State of California Assembly and Senate, eight San Diego cities, the City of San Diego Human Relations Committee, and the San Diego Democratic Party. It has also received the San Diego Equality Business Association’s 2022 Community Impact Award and RISE San Diego’s ILIA Award as their 2023 Organization for Change.

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