Cristina Sanchez-Kerr Headshot

Cristina Sanchez-Kerr, Alum


Cristina’s analytical, compassionate, and outcome-driven work style has helped a variety of agencies meet their goals and thrive. Her rich experience with the nonprofit sector organizations in both San Diego and the Bay Area has allowed her to use her skills in data management, evaluation, staff and contract management, training and facilitation, and cultural humility to support vulnerable youth, families, and communities.

Cristina’s ultimate drive is helping organizations build on their strengths and tackle their challenges to increase their positive impact in communities and move the needle towards equity everywhere and for everyone!

Cristina’s personal time is spent with her spouse juggling her brood; finding time for the rest of her family and friends; and enjoying the geographic and social diversity of her hometown through music, dance, food, and outdoor activities.

Cristina has a Masters of Arts in Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Stanford University, as well as a Gold Certification as an Efforts to Outcomes (ETO) Administrator.

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