Survey Highlights Inequalities Faced By Latinas In San Diego’s Workforce

Monday, July 12, 2021


Above: Mana De San Diego and Vice Chair Nora Vargas are pictured walking outside the San Diego County Administration Building on , July 12, 2021.

regional survey of Latinas in San Diego County’s workforce revealed the discrimination Latinas face in San Diego workplaces.

MANA De San Diego, a national Latina Organization, partnered with the Kim Center to launch the first-ever survey. The results were clear, said Inez Gonzalez Perezchica.

“San Diego employers need to improve their workplace environment, workplace policies and employee organizational support,” she said.

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Sixty-two women from educational and nonprofit careers were surveyed.

Here are some key findings:

— Nearly one-third of respondents say their voices are less likely to be heard due to pandemic work style adjustments.

— More than one-third of respondents said discrimination impacts their creativity at work and loyalty to organization.

— Two-thirds of respondents said they were unsuccessful when requesting a raise or promotion.

District 1 San Diego County Supervisor Nora Vargas said it’s in the best interest of employers to elevate the status of Latinas, as they make up one-third of all employed women in the county.

“As a Latina I have experienced firsthand some of the barriers we can face. The biggest challenges are the systemic and culture barriers that impede progress and career advancement,” Vargas said.

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