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The Sexual Harassment Task Force was created to explore explore issues surrounding sexual harassment in the legal community and to create solutions to help prevent women from leaving the practice of law due to sexual harassment in the workplace.

We are working with City Council President Pro Tem Barbara Bry on the Workplace Equity Initiative, exploring the topic of workplace equity challenges and to develop a code of conduct for San Diego employers.

The Sexual Harassment Task Force has developed toolkits for the Workplace Equity Initiative for use by employees and employers in the legal community and in other industries:

Employee Toolkit:

Know Your Rights: Guidelines & Resources for Sexual Harassment Victims

Employer Toolkit:

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Resources for Employers

Training – Co-sponsored by Lawyers Club:
National Conflict Resolution Center offers training on various dates in 2018 and 2019, co-sponsored by Lawyers Club of San Diego:
The Art of Inclusive Communication – Examine diversity and inclusion in a collaborative and helpful way
The Exchange – Manage a three-way conversation to address conflict in workplace teams.
The Bystander Challenge – Help prevent workplace harassment through effective communication strategies

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Know Your Rights:
Department of Labor: What constitutes sexual harassment 
Feminist Majority Foundation: Sexual harassment fact sheet


Additional Resources:
ERA: Sexual harassment in the workplace toolkit
Los Angeles Times: How to report workplace sexual harassment
Lean In: Self-care after sexual harassment

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