50 Ways to Fight Bias Cards

50 Ways to Fight Bias: an activity that helps you combat bias at work


Gender bias is holding women back in the workplace. Whether deliberate or unconscious, bias makes it harder for women to get hired and promoted and negatively impacts their day-to-day work experiences. This hurts women and makes it difficult for companies to level the playing field.

Pairing a card-based activity with a short video series, 50 Ways to Fight Bias gives people the tools to address gender bias head-on.

What Makes 50 Ways to Fight Bias Effective:

  • Specific and solutions-oriented: Highlights 50 specific examples of gender bias with clear recommendations for what to do—because research shows bias training is more effective when it’s tied to realistic and familiar situations.
  • Designed to engage men: Many gender bias trainings leave men feeling attacked or alienated. 50 Ways is designed to help men play a meaningful role in identifying and combating bias.
  • Rooted in research: The advice on the cards is based on research from leading experts on gender, diversity, and inclusion. And every situation has been reviewed by experts to ensure that the program addresses the most common and impactful types of bias women face.

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