Captain Belinda Bennett

Diversity Sails Forward: Introducing Captain Belinda Bennett, Windstar’s First Black, Female Ship’s Master.

Hei-ock Kim

Windstar Cruises March 29, 2016 A fitting bit of news for March – introducing Captain Belinda Bennett. In addition to being the first female and black captain in Windstar’s history, she is the first black female captain in the commercial cruise industry. An exclusive handful of women are currently making waves as captains, with the first American female captain tapped …

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Opinion: Is travel a champion of gender equality?

Hei-ock Kim

travelweekly April 21, 2017 By Admin Despite doing better than most sectors, the travel industry still has too few women in senior management positions, says business psychologist Dr Amanda Potter, chief executive of Zircon Management When it comes to gender equality, there are many reasons for the travel sector to feel good about itself. Research on women in senior management …