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Out & Equal’s work has long been about diversity and inclusion, and we’ve made great strides on that front. Now it’s time for us to evolve that work. From this moment on— our work will be about belonging. In its simplest form, diversity is about counting heads. We need a gay man, a Latina woman, a transgender veteran, a differently-abled …

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Women’s Construction Coalition Julia Morgan Society

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Not sure which field to choose: architecture, construction or engineering? What do they do? Who earns what? How long is the training? We’ve made selecting which field to study easy by posting some general facts about different careers in each field. Just click on a tab below for more information on careers in that field. Julia Morgan was the first …

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AAUW Work Smart Online

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AAUW is working with partners across communities, cities, and states to offer free salary negotiation workshops — and to eliminate the gender pay gap for good. Check out online and in-person initiatives here.

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Ellevate Network

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The Ellevate Network has the answers you’re looking for. Welcome to a community of professional women who create, inspire and lead. Ellevate Network believes in the positive impact of women in business. Our mission is to help women advance in the workplace, both for themselves and the greater good. We strive to change the culture of business from the inside …


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As the pioneering company in the career re-entry space, iRelaunch works directly with over 40 blue chip companies in a range of roles, to develop, pilot, source for, present in and publicize their re-entry internship programs, or similarly support their efforts to hire relaunchers directly into open roles without internships. iRelaunch established the market connecting employers with returning professionals, and …

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As More New Dads Get Paternity Leave, Companies Push Them to Take It

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As more companies offer new fathers more paid time off, a new challenge has emerged—persuading working dads to actually take advantage of it.
At some companies, new fathers get advice from older colleagues to take their full paid leave; ‘If you don’t take it, it’s borderline idiotic,’ one manager said

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A presentation by DialogTech’s employee resource group, Women in the Workplace, to leadership. Action plan for gender equity.
A group formed by the staff of DialogTech: to empower the organization to create an equal environment that is forward thinking, industry leading and desirable to top female talent.

Our Goal
Achieve dedicated support and resourcing from Executive team to improve areas of concern:
Imbalance of female to male staff
Attracting top female talent
Living up to our values and vision


The Impact of Equal Pay on Poverty and the Economy

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Jessica Milli, Ph.D., Yixuan Huang, Heidi Hartmann Ph.D., and Jeff Hayes, Ph.D.
This briefing paper summarizes analyses of the 2014-2016 Current Population Survey Annual
Social and Economic supplement and uses statistical controls for labor supply, human capital,
and labor market characteristics to estimate: 1) how much women’s earnings and family incomes
would rise if working women were paid the same as comparable men (men who work the same
number of hours, are the same age, have the same educational attainment and urban/rural status
and live in the same region of the country); 2) how much women and their families lose because
women earn less than similarly qualified men; 3) how many children would benefit from the
increased earnings of their mothers; 4) how many children and families would be brought out of
poverty if women received equal pay; and 5) how much the economy as a whole suffers from
inequality in pay between women and men.

Morgan Stanley Return To Work Program

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Educational programs and online resources for women restarting their financial service or related careers after taking time off for caregiving responsibilities. Program locations in New York, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hong Kong, Budapest and London.