Strategies That Male Allies Use to Advance Women in the Workplace

Sophie Bierly

The purpose of this research study was to identify and examine, from both men’s and women’s perspectives, the specific behaviors and strategies male allies use to successfully support the advancement of women in workplace settings. From a survey of 243 men and women, the team gathered qualitative survey data that were analyzed to identify the strategies and behaviors used by male allies. Top responses included developmental relationships, human resource (HR) processes, leadership development, recognition (both public and private), treating women as equals, and challenging sexist behavior. Some differences existed between perceptions of men and women in terms of the most critical ally behaviors. These research findings have scholarly and practical implications in future efforts to work toward greater gender parity.

So, You Want To Be a Male Ally For Gender Equality? (And You Should): Results from a National Survey, and a Few Things You Should Know

Sophie Bierly

When it comes to supporting gender equality and women’s rights, or even the #MeToo movement, many men believe they’re already doing their part, but there is a long way to go before women are fully equal to men – at work, in hiring, salary, benefits, mentoring, and promotion; at home, in the unequal division of childcare and household labor between partners; and in leadership positions.

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4 Important Ways Men Benefit From The Gender Equality Conversation


We hear a lot in the media about the changes we need to make as a society to create a level playing field for women.

Men are now discovering there is something in this for them as well. Addressing gender equity in leadership not only removes disadvantages for women, but for men as well.

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As More New Dads Get Paternity Leave, Companies Push Them to Take It

Hei-ock Kim

As more companies offer new fathers more paid time off, a new challenge has emerged—persuading working dads to actually take advantage of it.
At some companies, new fathers get advice from older colleagues to take their full paid leave; ‘If you don’t take it, it’s borderline idiotic,’ one manager said

Flexible men and successful women: the effects of flexible working hours on German couples’ wages

Hei-ock Kim

SAGE Journals First Published July 12, 2017 By Laura Antonia Langner Abstract Work hour flexibility is believed to help couples manage career and family demands. The German Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP) is unique in following both the flexible employee and their partner over time. The study utilizes this feature to investigate whether the take-up of work hour flexibility is detrimental …

Flexible men result in successful women

Hei-ock Kim

Women whose male partners take advantage of flexible working hours see a significant increase in their own earnings. University of Oxford July 26, 2017 Research conducted by Dr Laura Langner at the University of Oxford’s Department of Sociology investigated changes in heterosexual couples’ hourly wages once one partner enters work-hour flexibility. The study found that once men started working flexible …