Kim Center Receives Lemon Grove Proclamation For Workplace Gender Equity Day

Mayor Vasquez and Lemon Grove City Councilmembers award proclamation to Hei-ock Kim and Brian Cohen

Mayor Raquel Vasquez and Councilmembers of the City of Lemon Grove proclaimed August 18, 2018 as Workplace Gender Equity Day in honor of the 98th anniversary of suffrage in the United States. Also included is a special commendation for the Kim Center’s efforts to unite San Diego County into a model of progress by 2025.

The Mayor made a point of reading the entire proclamation aloud for everyone in the chamber to think on the meaning of the words:

WHEREAS, Workplace gender equity is the principle of overcoming gender biases in order to encourage the success of all employees; and

WHEREAS, Women overall experience greater cultural and logistical obstructions to succeeding in the workplace than men; and

WHEREAS, Organizations that value gender equity strive to remove these obstructions, which come in the form of overt and covert bias, and practices and policies that discourage women’s success; and

WHEREAS, Workplace gender equity promotes the inclusion of women’s voices in decision-making processes, and increases their status and impact in every level of employment; and

WHEREAS, Workplace gender equity is essential to the future economic growth of San Diego County, impacting every industry and sector; and

WHEREAS, Workplace gender equity is essential to addressing major social issues including poor child health and education, single-mother poverty and homelessness, violence in all forms, infectious diseases, and more; and

WHEREAS, The Kim Center for Social Balance was founded in 2016 to establish workplace gender equity as a cultural norm by transforming the beliefs and behaviors that obstruct women’s success; and

WHEREAS, The Kim Center for Social Balance is dedicated to creating a County-wide Gender Equity Collaborative; and

NOW THEREFORE, I, RACQUEL VASQUEZ, Mayor of the City of Lemon Grove, together with the City Council, do hereby proclaim AUGUST 18, 2018 as WORKPLACE GENDER EQUITY DAY in the City of Lemon Grove and commend the Kim Center for its efforts to make San Diego County the nation’s first model of success for workplace gender equity.

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