San Diego by 2025!

Let’s make San Diego County the first Gender Equity Model of Success by 2025

McKinsey reports it will take 100 years for women to reach equal representation just in leadership. Yet workplace gender equity can increase San Diego’s productivity by $23 billion in 10 years.

Gender equity will drive San Diego’s economic future. We need a plan.

STEP ONE: Establish benchmarks and metrics for San Diego

    • The Kim Center is partnering with the University of San Diego Center for Women’s Leadership to produce San Diego County’s first-ever Benchmark Report on the state of workplace gender equity.

      Using statistical research, surveys, and interviews, we will examine key beliefs and behaviors in companies and employees across for-profit industries and personal backgrounds.

      This comprehensive report will be the linchpin in addressing women’s workplace obstructions. Analyses include:

          • Biases, misconceptions, and perceived levels of personal responsibility regarding the struggles of working women
          • Policies and cultural attitudes hindering diversity and inclusion
          • Gender composition in leadership and managerial pipelines
          • Impact of workplace gender injustice on men and companies

          Our results will inform a collaborative, County-wide action plan designed by key leaders at the Gender Equity Roundtables. They will also guide Kim Center corporate education and transformation programs.

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