Join The Collaborative

Collaborative Partners pledge to uphold a Code of Conduct
  • Advance and/or support workplace gender equity in action and word
  • Share resources to support Collaborative efforts
  • Participate in Collaborative internship and mentorship programs when possible
  • Recognize Kim Center ownership and oversight of the Collaborative
Companies and organizations additionally agree to:
  • Create sponsorship programs for women in managerial pipelines when needed
  • Allow the Kim Center to publicize progress in company gender equity initiatives
  • Allow the Kim Center to periodically evaluate company adherence to the Code of Conduct in order to ensure the integrity of the Collaborative
What is the cost of becoming a Partner?

Participation as a Collaborative Partner is free!

How do I benefit from joining the Collaborative?
  • Our focused and organized marketing campaigns will bring customer and stakeholder attention to you or your company’s gender equity efforts, raising your public profile via our website, social media outlets, and print and digital collateral
  • You will have access to all Collaborative shared resources and a safe private space to communicate with other Partners about whatever’s on your mind regarding gender equity (e.g. best practices, your unique challenges, etc.)
  • Partners achieving the highest levels of gender equity will be invited to help design community-wide action plans Companies at these levels will also receive recognition as approved vendors by the Kim Center and the Collaborative
  • You will be invited to participate in Collaborative public awareness campaigns, as well as shared Partner messaging to increase your mission impact
Who can become a Collaborative Partner?
  • Anyone! Whether it’s just you, or you’re representing your company, just fill out the form below and we’ll contact you.
Gender Equity Collaborative Partner Application Form

Please fill out information for yourself or you as the point of contact for your company. For questions, email Hei-ock at