Our signature LEAPS program gives you the customized attention you need to transform your workplace culture into a true model of equity. Our data-driven, evidence-based tools help you go beyond compliance to ACCELERATE deep cultural change.

We work closely with you and your company on 3 crucial elements to: 

  1. Define workplace equity quantitatively and qualitatively, and identify what it looks like in your company
  2. Build a custom strategy with clear goals and roles for all stakeholders
  3. Affirm your success with national standards of accountability


GenderLEAP Dials

STEP 1: LEAPS Assessment

Our comprehensive evaluation answers the question: How do I measure workplace equity at my company?

Using academically rigorous tools, we combine your company-level stats with employee feedback in 3 key metrics: Workplace Environment, Advancement & Compensation, Policies & Benefits. We also house your data in an actionable format on a secure, mobile-friendly digital platform. This means you can report to leadership, employees, and other stakeholders with just a touch.

“We did the trainings. We had to measure the efficacy but we didn’t have that part in place. We needed baselines. You came along at exactly the right time.” -- Confidential Client



  • Format: Anonymized and confidential online surveys and quarterly pulse checks via secure email links for employees and Human Resources
  • Time commitment: Low to medium
  • Implementer: Kim Center and client Human Resources
  • Deliverables:
    • Quarterly reports: hard, actionable data
    • Dashboard: mobile-friendly interface with customized access levels

STEP 2: LEAPS Playbook

This customizable strategy tool helps you take charge of the next-level question: Now what?

We work closely with you to design and implement guidelines and metrics for all stakeholders, at a pace that functions best for you. Plus, we save you time and money by using evidence-based tools to target only the issues raised in your Assessment.


  • Format: Collaborative design and implementation process; quarterly and annual progress evaluations; optional self-paced modules
  • Time commitment: Medium to high
  • Implementer: Kim Center and client
  • Deliverables: 
    • Dashboard: mobile-friendly interface with customized access levels
    • Custom strategy with clear guidelines and metrics for all stakeholders
    • Long-term momentum driven by measurable progress and demonstrated company benefit

STEP 3: LEAPS Accreditation (coming 2022)

Congratulations! Your company culture is a model of workplace equity. Benchmarking yourself against our industry, regional, and national standards can help:

  1. Your company publicly validate its dedication to workplace equity
  2. Concerned individuals find your company to invest in, work for, or buy from
  3. Municipalities recognize your company as a candidate for procurement advantages

The Kim Center is committed to protecting the privacy of your company and your employees.

  • All company data entrusted to us are confidential
  • All surveys are anonymous and password protected
  • The Kim Center enforces an institutional destruction policy, both internally and with all entities coming in contact with our collected data
  • All data used for public education and benefit are scrubbed of identifying information and aggregated


Workplace equity is vital to your company’s financial success and longevity:






“Businesses can increase profitability by 15%” and recruit, promote, and retain talent better. (Peterson)


“Innovation equals survival.” Innovation is 6 times higher in workplaces that are the most equal. (Accenture)

Women demonstrate better leadership qualities than men during and after crisis. (McKinsey)

Consequences of Workplace Injustice



Our national and regional partnerships with forward-thinking employers are dedicated to transforming the culture of our companies and communities. We support each other through open communication and shared resources, uniting around a common vision.

Workplace Equity Collaborators pledge to:

  • CARE about workplace equity
  • SHARE resources to support Collaborative efforts
  • DARE to make change and ask for help

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