Research-based assessment to drive faster change for women in the workplace

Preview: The Kim Center for Social Balance announces that it is working with UC San Diego to pilot a research-based Workplace Gender Equity Assessment (WGEA) in early 2020. This assessment tool is designed to help organizational leaders identify and quantify key gender equity issues and trends specific to their own organizations. With the WGEA, employers can make meaningful change at …

Toni Atkins Presenting C.A. State Resolution to Hei-ock Kim

California Legislature Recognizes San Diego Non-Profit for Efforts to Improve Workplace Gender Equity

Joint State Senate and Assembly resolution honors Kim Center for Social Balance for focus on enhancing professional opportunities for all genders April 27, 2019 SAN DIEGO — California’s state Senate and Assembly issued a joint resolution recognizing the San Diego-based Kim Center for Social Balance for its efforts to improve gender equity in the workplace. The declaration — spearheaded by …

Mayor Catherine Blakespear presents the proclamation to Hei-ock Kim and Kim Center supporters

City of Encinitas Proclaims Workplace Gender Equity Day

April 18, 2019 By Hei-ock Kim Encinitas proclaimed Workplace Gender Equity Day for the first time yesterday. The chosen date was April 2, in honor of Equal Pay Day 2019. Mayor Catherine Blakespear presented the proclamation, which also included a special commendation for the Kim Center, to Executive Director Hei-ock Kim. Standing with Dr. Kim were several supporters, including members …

Equal Pay Day Poster

KPBS Radio features Kim Center on Equal Pay Day

April 4, 2019 By Hei-ock Kim For many, Equal Pay Day looms large as a symbol of women’s unequal status at work. This year, it fell on April 2nd, representing the date on which women would earn the same amount as men made the previous year … a full three months later. Kim Center’s Hei-ock Kim spoke with Maureen Cavanaugh, …

National City Proclamation

National City Presents Kim Center with Workplace Gender Equity Day Proclamation

The Kim Center was honored to receive a proclamation from Mayor Ron Morrison for Workplace Gender Equity Day. We thank the City of National City in San Diego County on behalf of everyone working to achieve equitable treatment for employees of all genders. September 1, 2018 is the date of the proclamation, in celebration of the Kim Center’s second anniversary.