About the Kim Center

Our Mission

The Kim Center is committed to fast-tracking gender equity in the workplace by transforming the beliefs and behaviors that obstruct women’s success

Our Values

We conduct ourselves with clarity of purpose and dedication to progress, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness of our actions and our impact on others.


Founder Hei-ock Kim established the Kim Center for Social Balance in 2016. Her goal is to witness, in her own lifetime, a society:
    1. that draws its collective economic, social and political strength from fully empowered individuals of all genders,
    2. where working women and men are fairly evaluated, recruited, and rewarded based on their ability to help an organization achieve its goals, rather than treated from a place of bias,
    3. where children are taught that their lives are full of possibilities, rather than influenced by artificially constructed limitations,
    4. that is deeply rooted in self-respect and respect for others, a society able to continually grow and thrive by recognizing that important contributions come from every demographic, rather than any select group
The Kim Center is a San Diego-based 501(c)(3).