We accelerate the achievement of equal status for all in the workplace. We value clarity of purpose with dedication to progress, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness of our actions and their impact on others. 

In our work with employers and communities, we use data-driven tools to collaboratively design and implement actionable plans. Our strategy generates impact on both the macro and micro levels: 


  • Join the Workplace Equity Collaborative and engage with like-minded members
  • Transform company culture with our LEAPS program


  • Form regional Workpalce Equity Collaboratives
  • Transform local culture with our LEAPS program


  • Subscribe to one standard of accountability for all employers
  • Generate lasting change by transforming culture at the deepest level


As the daughter of Korean immigrants, Hei-ock Kim had always been taught that a woman had to be exceptional if she wanted to shine among men. In 2016, during a moment of clarity inspired by exhaustion, Hei-ock decided it was time for a better effort to help women simply receive the success they deserve without working extra hard for it. 

Her first question was: "Why is it taking so long?" In researching the history of the women’s movement, she discovered three things in particular that hampered its progress: 

  1. People place the onus on the everyday woman, who is already overly busy, to figure out how to get what she deserves
  2. People measure different factors over time, so it’s difficult to tell what progress is actually being made
  3. People think that deep cultural transformation can happen through national or global prescriptions

Therefore, Hei-ock created the Kim Center to focus on three areas:

  1. Work directly with employers to transform their working environments using data-driven and custom strategies
  2. Measure change using academically researched and standardized metrics for workplace equity
  3. Unite each community around a single action plan, and then connect like-minded communities to generate a sustainable upward trajectory for workplace equity in our country

As a nonprofit, the Kim Center maximizes the spirit of collaboration and always serve the mission first. We will be forever grateful to Liz Bodenhamer, Brian Cohen, Georgia Case, Jane Tanner, and Emilia Pine for their startup investments that made the Kim Center possible!

Kim Center for Social Balance is a 501(c)(3) based in San Diego, CA

EIN 81-4518651