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Gender equity is a cultural state where people of all genders are offered resources and benefits based on what they need, without judgement, to take advantage of the same opportunities to succeed as others.

Equity is different from equality, where everyone simply receives the same opportunities whether or not they can use them.

Workplace gender equity happens when employers value and reward all employees solely on the basis of their ability to contribute to the success of the company. In today’s culture, this requires some key principles, including:

COURAGE: Employers recognize that true company success often requires a break from conventional workplace models
DIVERSITY: Hiring managers use inclusive practices to attract and retain employees from a broad range of backgrounds
HUMANITY: Women and men are supported in balancing caregiving responsibilities with their work life, without negative repercussions in any form

San Diego County Supervisor Gaspar Answers Call
to Support Workplace Gender Equity

The Board of Supervisors announced that Supervisor Kristin Gaspar of San Diego County District 3 is supporting the Kim Center for Social Balance with a $3,500 Neighborhood Reinvestment Program grant toward the completion of the Gender Equity Portal. So stay tuned for some exciting changes over the next few months! Read the full article

Executive Director Hei-ock Kim Calls Upon San Diego County
Supervisors to Support Workplace Gender Equity


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